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1st August, 1951

Whiston Hospital,
Prescot, Lancashire,


Born at 01:30 on Wednesday morning.

Friends and relatives: Janette Reed (Nee Janette McMiken) , Eric Reed.

1951 - 1955

18 Beck Grove,
Clinkham Wood, St Helens, Lancashire, England.

I lived at my family home for my early childhood years. My parents taught me to read and write at home before I attended school and I also learned to appreciate good music.

Friends and relatives: Calvin Smith, Millicent Smith, Dennis Smith, Sandra Smith

September 1955

Carr Mill Infants School,
Carr Mill, St Helens. Lancashire, England.

I started full-time schooling and general education.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: Francis Singleton, Emily Singleton

December 1956 -

December 1958

Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

I contracted Perthe's Hip in my left leg. This is a disease that attacks the bone marrow in the hip of young children, I was unable to walk and I was admitted to hospital. I was placed in traction on my left leg and I was also treated with daily injections to fight the disease. I remained in hospital for two years until I was fully cured and I could walk normally again.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: William Highcock, Kevin Travis, William Mee, Barry Travis, James Marsh, Ann Reed

January 1959 -

June 1962

Carr Mill Junior School, Carr Mill, St Helens. Lancashire, England.

I continued my education until I sat and passed my Eleven Plus Examination and I was accepted to attend my secondary education at Grange Park Technical School.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: Diane Shard, Maureen Follin, Derek Robinson, Arthur Taylor, Ann Travis, Julie Hugget, Robin Allen.

September 1962 -

June 1967

Grange Park Technical School. Grange Park,
St Helens, Lancashire, England.

My final years of general education. I chose the subjects of English, Mathematics, Physics, History and Metalwork and I received my certificates of secondary education in all of these subjects, majoring in Physics.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: Diane Shard, Maureen Follin, John Mantle, Kevin Maynard, Patricia Twist, Jacqueline Mitchell, Zenda Kelly, Barbara Smith, William Harrison, Barbara Critchley

1964 - 1967

969 Squadron, Air Training Corps (ATC),
St Helens, Lancashire, England.

As it had always been my intention to join the Royal Air Force, I enrolled as a cadet in the local ATC and attended evening and weekend classes in RAF related subjects and disciplines, culminating in my qualifying for my glider pilot's licence in the summer of 1967. I played Rugby for Western England ATC and I also attended an interview for acceptance as an air electronics engineering student in the RAF and I was successfully accepted.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: Richard Westwell, Stephen Martin, Edward Baines, Barry Gregson, Eric Noonan, William Heward

July 1967 -

December 1967

John Blundell's Hardware Store, St Helens, Lancashire, England.

Employed as Assistant Store Manager. This was just an interim job whilst I was passing the time until my electronics engineering course started at RAF College Cosford in January 1968. Also working in the evenings as a barman at Moss Bank United Services Club.

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: Colin Reed, Tony Christie, Joan Reed, Thomas Reed, Keith Reed, William Reed

January 1968 -

December 1969

Royal Air Force College Cosford, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, England.

I was enrolled into the Royal Air Force and I started studying in the trade of Electronics Engineer Flight Systems. I eventually graduated with honours in December 1969 and I was posted to my first operational RAF station in January 1970. I also learned to swim here!

Friends, relatives and acquaintances: Philip Peers, Michael Cogan, David Brands, Sir Douglas Bader

January 1970 -

February 1971

RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, England.


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January 1971 -

December 1971

Visiting Aircraft Servicing Flight (VASF),
RAF Muharraq, Bahrain. Air Force Middle East (AFME)


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January 1972 -

January 1973

RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, England.


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January 1973 -

January 1975

RAF Tengah, Singapore. Far East Air Force (FEAF)


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January 1975 -

September 1978

RAF Finningley, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England.


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September 1978 -

September 1980

RAF Bruggen, West Germany, RAFG


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September 1980 -

April 1983

GEC Computers, Borehamwood, Hants, England.


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April 1983 -

April 1984

Dunlop Polymers, Wigan, Lancashire, England.


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April 1984 -

June 1984

GQ Defence Equipment Ltd. Godalming, Surrey, England.


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June 1984 -

January 1985

RTAF Base Don Muang,
Bangkok, Thailand.


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 January 1985 -

February 1986

GQ Defence Equipment Ltd. Godalming, Surrey, England.


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 February 1986 -

January 1987

UK and Thailand


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 January 1987 -  

July 1988

England and Holland


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 July 1988 -

May 1990

Ferranti International Computer Systems



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