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Ian ReedThe Reed Life Files:Ian Reed

Royal Air Force

RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, UK 1970

C130K Hercules

On arrival at RAF Lyneham and after just four week's aircraft type-training, I was employed on the handling and first line servicing of the Hercules transport aircraft. I worked shift work (nights and days) and I got a few days off every 10 days. I enjoyed the work there and in a very short time, just a couple of months; I could easily repair and calibrate any problems with the flight systems equipment on the Hercules aircraft.

After just 8 months at RAF Lyneham, I was summoned to the Admin office and I was told that I had been placed on PWRs, Preliminary Warning Roster, which meant that I was on standby for an overseas posting.

To be posted overseas working on RAF transport aircraft, you had to be TASS trained (Transport Aircraft Servicing Specialist), which meant that you had to be type-trained on two of the four types of transport aircraft in the RAF, these aircraft were classified in pairs for this task so you had to be either trained on Hercules and VC10 or Britannia and Belfast. The RAF then did something with me that I thought was totally illogical, the RAF sent me for type-training on Britannia and Belfast aircraft. So I spent the next three months type-training on these aircraft.

Whilst I was just finishing my training on the second of these aircraft, my overseas posting came through for RAF Muharraq (Bahrain). So just one month later I was boarding a flight for Bahrain.

Friends, colleagues and acquaintances: Michael Cogan, William Hardman, Peter Crotty, Sandy Cruikshank, Rabby Baird, Raymond Farquhar, Dianne Gibbons,

Ian Reed 1971

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